Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we gather the most Frequently Asked Questions. This list is ever growing, so check back regularly. Also, you can go here: Contact Us with any questions you have.

Can I pay with using my credit or debit card?

Yes, you can use any major Credit Card as well as your Debit Card to make a payment. We currently use Paypal as our payment gateway merchant. In the future we're looking to expand our payment merchants to offer more payment options to our customers.

What are the commission fees?

To bid on any of our auctions.. no fees are charged. You would simply need to register to our site and then, you will be able to place a bid. Memberships have there own package that you would select, in addition to a 30% commission fee for each sell. If you have further questions, please go here: Contact Us

How can I place a bid?

If you are already logged in with your Abstract Auction account, enter your bid for an artwork by clicking on “Bid”. If not, you will be asked to login or create an account. Once logged in, click the "Bid" button. The page will refresh with your bid.. If your bid is the latest bid, it will be listed as the current bid. The bid amount must be at the opening bid amount or higher. Auction items may have minimum bid amount which means you must bid at least that amount over the most recent bid. This incremental amount will vary from auction item to auction item. Use the plus (+) sign to increase the amount of your bid. You may also click in the field between the minus sign and plus sign to type a specific bid amount.

What happens if I get out bid?

You will be notified immediately via email if you are outbid. You will need to return to the auction item’s page to enter a new bid if time premits. You may visit the My Auctions section at any time to see your auction items, including your bid and the current bid history. Click on the item’s name to return to its auction page.

Can I set an automatic bid for the maximum amount I am willing to pay?

Currently at this time, Abstract Auction does not offer "automatic bidding". However, we are always looking to improve / upgrade our platform.. so, this may become a feature we add at a later date.

Will my winning bid include shipping?

No, shipping and handling are calculated separately from your winning bid amount. Shipping and handling costs will be shown to you on the checkout page in your cart after you have successfully added your shipping / billing information.

How do I keep track of my account and auctions?

Log into your Account at the top right of the website and you will see a list of all the items you have placed bids on or have won.

Will I be notified if the reserve price has been met?

If a product has a reserve price, it will be visibly shown on each auction that uses this feature. If the reserve price has been met, the statement on the auction item page will indicate that "the reserve price has been met."

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, does ship internationally, however, each vendor on our platform may decide for their individual store's not to ship internationally. You will be able to ask that question and others directly to each vendor.

How will I know when an auction will close?

Each lot has a countdown timer and auction-end date. In addition, all bidders will receive a reminder email prior to the end.

What happens when I win an auction?

Once you are the winning bidder, it will be indicated on your My Auctions page and a message will appear only for you on the item’s auction page. The winner will also be notified via email. You will be able to add the item to your cart from the item’s auction page to begin payment for the art, or click on the link in your email to begin the safe and secure checkout process.

How do I pay for an auction I won?

After winning an auction, you will be prompted to checkout and enter your credit card number and billing address. Abstract Auction will run your credit card information, ensuring the transaction is successful. Please be aware, shipping is a separate transaction and will be calculated upon entering your shipping details and what method according to needs.

How is shipping calculated?

Buyers are responsible for all costs relating to shipping, insurance, artwork, and customs/VAT taxes. For sales completed through the Abstract Auction, the shipping will be calculated at the time the shipping information is added. Crating and shipping requirements vary from piece to piece. Abstract Auction, LLC can offer more accurate pricing by determining packaging needs and shipping destination once the shipping details has been entered. Abstract Auction uses bonded carriers who specialize in the shipping and freighting of artwork, but may also use Fedex, UPS, and other standard carriers depending on the size of the artwork, its fair-market value, specific freighting requirements of the piece (i.e. temperature-controlled), and the recipient address and destination. You should expect to see two transactions — the artwork price (and tax) and the shipping price.

How do I become a vendor and start listing my artwork on

It's pretty simple.. click on "Membership" or "Vendor" in the top right corner of our website.. for Memberships.. select a plan, for Vendors.. create your account and start creating your Abstract Store.. once you are approved, your store will go live. We do charge a commission fee for both, Memberships and to become a Vendor. If you have further questions go here: Contact Us

What happens when an item needs to be returned or is damaged during shipping?

All auctions are non-refundable with the exception of damages in transit to the artwork. When you receive your artwork, please take photos of the enclosed package or box prior to opening, and more photos of the artwork after the package or box has been opened to document the condition upon arrival. If damage has occurred, please notify us so we may arrange return shipping.